The Whole Shebang - All CFI & ACS Lessons & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

The Whole Shebang (Preview)
This package includes: our CFI, MEI, & CFII Lesson Plan eBooks; our Private, Instrument, and Commercial ACS Lesson Plan eBooks, and The BSP IFR/VFR Reference Card
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Our most popular product! We've compiled all of the information required for each task in just about every FAA PTS and ACS into awesome, easy to use eBooks to make your life, and checkrides easier, and we'll keep them up to date for you. Your work is done!

Use our lessons as a backbone to create your own, or go straight to work instructing from your iPad. Remember, all updates to the lessons are yours free!

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Customer Reviews

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Blunt but Honest

Tailored to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. They depit DA42 and all of the performance and aircraft details are tailored to the Diamond and will need to be reworked. I go to a very distinguished Flight School dont spend your money on this because its an almost excat copy. Blunt but honest.

Hey Steven, Honesty is always appreciated and encouraged in the reviews. It helps us make a better product and helps new customers make an informed decision regarding our products. If these lessons were copied or taken from a flight school, whether that be Embry Riddle or a small mom and pop shop at the local airport, I believe it would be appropriate to write that in a review. Companies should not profit off the work of others. It’s not right. With that said, I can guarantee you that these lessons did not come from Embry Riddle and in fact have no association whatsoever with the school. I spent months of my life writing these and even more time updating them over the years that The Backseat Pilot has been around. How Embry Riddle has come to use these lesson plans is beyond me, and something I will have to look into and handle. But to be abundantly clear, these products are not tailored to Embry Riddle or any other flight school, they did not come from Embry Riddle or any other flight school, and they have no association with Embry Riddle or any other flight school. Like you mentioned, the lessons do focus on the Diamond aircraft. This is just because it is what I learned on and what I instructed on when they were written. We did remove a lot of the specifics in order to allow the lessons to be more useful to everyone. From there we had two options. One was to remove all performance and aircraft details making everyone update the lessons to the aircraft they fly. The second was to leave some of the Diamond information and save those flying Diamond aircraft a lot of work while simply allowing those flying other aircraft to swap out speeds/procedures. I believe the second option is a better choice for everyone. There are plans to include more Systems lesson plans for common training aircraft (Cessna, Piper, Cirrus, etc.) in the future to make things even easier for everyone. I hope that clears things up for you. If you have any more questions or concerns I'd be happy to talk. Feel free to send an email over to

I wish that there was an option to have you guys send a printed version of everything in the mail for a higher price or something. Thanks


So far, so awesome. A plethora of information made into a well-organized and easy to follow format.

Organizes At-home CFI Studying

These PDFs really provide a great foundation to study at home and guide oral lessons at the school. I'll be editing them to meet the needs for my students and aircraft options (DA-40 aircraft used in a few lessons), but the editing will be easy because .DOCX files are included in the download.


The lesson plans are so easy to navigate through and very well prepared! No complaints here!