The Whole Shebang - All CFI & ACS Lessons & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

The Whole Shebang (Preview)
This package includes: our CFI, MEI, & CFII Lesson Plan eBooks; our Private, Instrument, and Commercial ACS Lesson Plan eBooks, and The BSP IFR/VFR Reference Card
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Your lessons are complete! Our eBooks are delivered as a Word document & PDF - Edit the lessons as desired, or move them directly onto a tablet to start instructing!

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Built in navigation allows you to access any lesson with a single tap. Follow our links to additional content both in the eBook and online!


Our most popular product! We've compiled all of the information required for each task in just about every FAA PTS and ACS into awesome, easy to use eBooks to make your life, and checkrides easier, and we'll keep them up to date for you. Your work is done!

Use our lessons as a backbone to create your own, or go straight to work instructing from your iPad. Remember, all updates to the lessons are yours free!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews

The lesson plans are so easy to navigate through and very well prepared! No complaints here!

Huge time saver

Loved the Product. the 4 star over 5 star rating is due to the us of the Diamond Aircraft. It would be helpful is you could highlight all spots that were aircraft specific. I think I got them all as I read through each lesson and tweaked it, but I am sure I may have missed a couple. Several spots you used an airspeed that I would not identify at Vx, Vy, or Va......Overall.... Great Product.

The Whole Shebang

I love this package it really has prepared me well for my CFI checkride as well improve my overall aeronautical knowledge, keep producing good products!

Professional Development Enhancement Tool

A lot of thought and effort were put into these lesson plans. I added these into my lesson plans curriculum to continue to develop a professional product for students. I am happy with my purchase.

Terrific jump start

This is a very comprehensive set of lesson plans that is well worth the money. I highly encourage cfi applicants to purchase their lesson plans. If you decide to build them yourself, that’s great, and you’ll be better off for it (having researched all the material and referencing it with official FAA publications for literally weeks on end) however for those that just want to get their CFI certificate done, this is for you. Time is money and let’s face it, you’re not supposed to reinvent the wheel here. These lesson plans are so well written that if you really wanted to you could teach straight out of. I gave “the whole shebang” 3 stars because 1. There are a lot of typos here and there, and I’ve seen one huge error (in their airspace VFR night wx requirement for class G airspace) and another because they tailored their lessons for a diamond plane. You have to go through literally all the lesson plans and make sure that the flow, organization and correct aircraft are used. So basically it is a great starting point, besides a couple of errors here and there, they’re a pretty solid lesson plan. Mad props to the organizers of these lesson plans.