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CFII Lesson Plans


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Private Pilot Syllabus
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All lessons shown below are included. Lessons in blue can be previewed to see sample lesson layout and content. Let us know if you have any questions!

Fundamentals of Instructing

  • Learning Process
  • Human Behavior and Effective Communication
  • Teaching Process
  • Teaching Methods
  • Critique and Evaluation
  • Flight Instructor Characteristics and Responsibilities
  • Planning Instructional Activity

Technical Subject Areas

Preflight Preparation

  • Weather Information
  • Weather Theory (addtl info not req in PTS)
  • Cross Country Flight Planning
  • Instrument Cockpit Check

Air Traffic Control Clearances & Procedures


Flight by Reference to Instruments

Navigation Systems

Instrument Approach Procedures

Emergency Operations

Post Flight Procedures

  • Checking Instruments and Equipment

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Phillip Ulstrup

Passed checkride so I am happy.

Ramin Eghbali

All good.

Jose Lamboy

The best info

Byron More

Great, detailed information.

Mary Schubert

The content is good, but the layout is awful and hard to organize. I was hoping it wouldn't be just one huge document/slide show and instead the subjects would be individually organized. I feel like using this has made more work for me.

Hi Mary, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the layout. I completely agree that one huge document without any organization or navigation would be extremely frustrating. The good news is that the navigation that’s built into all our documents does exactly what you're hoping for and organizes the lessons by subject as shown in the PTS.

There are a few reasons why the products are delivered as a single document. First, it eliminates having dozens and dozens of individual lesson plan and PowerPoint files on your computer (between the CFI, CFII and MEI you'd be sifting through well over 200 folders and files). Second, it allows the documents to be more dynamic, linking content between different lessons. And third, we can create navigation that makes it just as easy, if not easier, to access the lessons needed. On top of that, the navigation works in just about any program/app, including Word, Adobe, ForeFlight, GoodReader, and Books.

To open the navigation in Word, select the View Tab, and then select Navigation Pane in the box labeled Show. In Adobe, from the View menu, select Navigation Panes and then Bookmarks. In the different apps on your iPad use the navigation icon (placement varies). You can also find this information on page 2 of the lesson plans, and with more details/pictures on our website under FAQ & Info > eBook Info.

As for the PowerPoints, the navigation doesn’t work quite the same way, but the instructions are also on slide 2 of the document.

Again, a single huge document with no navigation would be unacceptable and unusable, so I totally understand your frustration. The navigation should make the documents a whole lot easier to use! Send an email over to if you’re having more issues or need any more details. Happy to help!