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CFI Lesson Plans
Thomas Linden

CFI Lesson Plans

CFII Lesson Plans
Eric Chumbley

Saved me HOURS of prep for CFI. Great thing is the lessons really stick to what the FAA publishes, so nobody can really fault them. Already using them as I begin CFII. Beside getting me ready to teach, they are also great for study by themselves.

CFII Lesson Plans
T. Kershaw

Awesome product

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

Seems to be good

I was looking for lesson plans for stage checks and mock checks. This seems to be a good resource. However, it would be great if the main ideas and important areas were somehow highlighted. Also, I would add some stages, like pre-solo and solo xc for PPL. The addition of some scenarios and examples of questions would be also awesome.

I had my CFI reinstated

I looked at CFI lesson plans on line. Backseat Pilot lesson plans are everything that you will need. I really liked that they included hyperlinks to every FAA handbook and manual needed.

A Handy Card to Keep Your Regulations Straight

This card is great to keep on your knee board. Whether you struggle with remembering light gun signals or cloud clearance requirements, it has everything you need to stay safe and legal when you fly.

CFI Lesson Plans
Zachary Hogan

Very detailed and awesome information. It is a great reference.

Time saver!

This helps mitigate the high level of stress already involved when you're preparing for a check ride! Now I can better focus on cleaning up the areas I'm not as proficient in. Thank you!

Gets you what you need

Topnotch. Saves a ton of time buying this product and you can build off of it. Highly recommended.

Great product. Very informative and useful. Would recommend to any new or aspiring CFI.

Would recommend to any new or aspiring CFI.

Great Product

The Back Seat Pilot was recommended to me by a new CFI and I am very happy he did. The lesson plans are well organized and thorough. Accessing the material was very easy. The lesson plans have been more helpful than I expected with making sure I covered everything in my lesson plans and check-ride prep.

CFI Lesson Pack - All CFI Lesson Plans (CFI, CFII, MEI)

CFI Lesson Plans
Roger Mcgehee

Overall, excellent resource. It hits all the pts items for each task. My only complaint is some of the information is out dated. For example the airspace section says nothing of the new ads b out requirements. Also, some of the advisory circulars referenced have new versions available.

CFI Lesson Plans
Daniel Roberts

CFI Lesson Plans

Excellent CFI Lesson Plans!

These lesson plans are well put together and have a great amount of information. I will be using them for many years to come. Definitely worth the investment.

Shebang Wow

This product was suggested to me by a DPE - that should speak volumes to you.
You can edit it to customize to your style. If you have any questions or problems Nate is there for you..even on the weekend.
Or you could go the other alternative...spend the next 8 months of your life re-inventing the wheel.

Awesome Product

Definitely worth the money

CFI Lesson Plans
Noah Richard Bryant
A great resource to build lesson plans for CFI

Good afternoon everyone, as I am finishing out my commercial Multi engine add on rating, I bought backseat pilot to start preparing for my CFI and CFII… first and foremost the documents are phenomenal… you have the PDF to reference any knowledge you can think of regarding meeting the PTS. If you are someone who is looking to start building your own lesson plans, this is the perfect produce to guide you from start to finish in that process.

CFI Lesson Plans
Michael Fiorina

Very Very pleased with product.

Excellent Info

Well-structured in-depth information that exceeds standards!
The organized information is easy to draw from for your own lesson plans or to use by itself.
Condensed plans are good for easy reference.
I hope this resource will do me well in the future.
The Backseat Pilot team knocked it out of the park!

Great Product

Very thorough and well put together; I’ve made my own CFI books for an initial and CFII in helicopters but I wanted to have a ready to go product for my airplane/CFI/CFII add on checkride. I figured getting the whole shebang was a good idea, plus it has MEI material. I’m very satisfied, thanks!

Great product!

I just passed my CFI checkride! Thanks for the help!!

Ideal for cockpit

Like the compact size of the document