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Worth every penny

Lesson plans are very detailed, reference source documents, and serve as a good review and info source for the instructor as well as the student.
Customer service is OUTSTANDING! I had 2 minor issues that were resolved within minutes outside of normal business hours. When is the last time you've seen that?

Good but a lot of improvements to be made.

The lessons plans in the PowerPoints lack in information and can be improved in quality. The ppts do not include all the information that needs to be taught.


It's a huge help. Will make my CFI class so much easier

CFII Lesson Plans
Phillip Ulstrup

Passed checkride so I am happy.

CFI Lesson Plans
Kaitlyn Shroyer
CFI lesson plans

amazing product and amazing service

The Whole shebang is incredible!

Highly recommend. Has both a lengthened version and condensed versions, INCLUDING PowerPoint which was my selling point. Follows the current CFI PTS task by task, has made my life 1000% better and more efficient for studying.

Great Information for an aspiring CFI!

I purchased this product to assist my studies for my CFI, CFII and MEI. So far this is exactly what I was looking for! The lessons follow the PTS which makes it easy to ensure you’re studying everything.

Great job! I will definitely refer this product!

CFII Lesson Plans
Ramin Eghbali

All good.

CFII Lesson Plans
Jose Lamboy

The best info

Highly recommended!

The ACS Review is a fabulous product and an invaluable part of getting checkride ready.

CFII Lesson Plans
Byron More

Great, detailed information.

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

CFI Lesson Plans
Todd Coleman

Very thorough package. Thanks

Great for check ride prep.

Great ACS review pack for ppl.

Great tool to have for CFI,CFII,MEI training

This is a great tool to have I’ve been using them for to build my lesson plans not only for airplanes but I’m also since I am a drone instructor it having the structure same way how CFI do it. makes it a lot easier I recommend this to everyone that’s starting off there CFI training or working on to add-on to Their CFI ticket it’s a very great tool and it just helps me organize the materials and everything I’m the reason I’m giving it five stars is because it’s a lot easier for me to organize the material research it and add my own flavor to it other than that it’s a great great product to use just beware of the typos in the grammatical errors in the CFI lesson plans that you get with this product. you might have to go in and fix them rewrite them or whatever it’s up to you it’s up to your decision but I recommend everyone to get this this is a great product and I think everyone should use it

It has been very helpful so far!

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

CFI Lesson Pack - All CFI Lesson Plans (CFI, CFII, MEI)

CFII Lesson Plans
Mary Schubert

The content is good, but the layout is awful and hard to organize. I was hoping it wouldn't be just one huge document/slide show and instead the subjects would be individually organized. I feel like using this has made more work for me.

Hi Mary, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the layout. I completely agree that one huge document without any organization or navigation would be extremely frustrating. The good news is that the navigation that’s built into all our documents does exactly what you're hoping for and organizes the lessons by subject as shown in the PTS.

There are a few reasons why the products are delivered as a single document. First, it eliminates having dozens and dozens of individual lesson plan and PowerPoint files on your computer (between the CFI, CFII and MEI you'd be sifting through well over 200 folders and files). Second, it allows the documents to be more dynamic, linking content between different lessons. And third, we can create navigation that makes it just as easy, if not easier, to access the lessons needed. On top of that, the navigation works in just about any program/app, including Word, Adobe, ForeFlight, GoodReader, and Books.

To open the navigation in Word, select the View Tab, and then select Navigation Pane in the box labeled Show. In Adobe, from the View menu, select Navigation Panes and then Bookmarks. In the different apps on your iPad use the navigation icon (placement varies). You can also find this information on page 2 of the lesson plans, and with more details/pictures on our website under FAQ & Info > eBook Info.

As for the PowerPoints, the navigation doesn’t work quite the same way, but the instructions are also on slide 2 of the document.

Again, a single huge document with no navigation would be unacceptable and unusable, so I totally understand your frustration. The navigation should make the documents a whole lot easier to use! Send an email over to if you’re having more issues or need any more details. Happy to help!

Great Starting Point

This information and power point presentations are a great starting point for CFI lessons. It gets all of the necessary figures on words on the screen. Then it allows you to modify the content for your needs as an instructor. Some little quirks to it, but overall I am impressed with the information and help.

Thanks Braxton! We're always trying to improve the lessons, even the little quirks. Feel free to send anything like that over to and we'll see if we can't get it cleaned up for you. Thanks again!

Amazing product

As a CFI this product has helped me provide next level instruction to my students. Worth every penny!

CFI Lesson Plans
Yankele Friedman
Dint appreciate this purchase at all

Made a mistake buying it.

Great deal

Information provided for this package was insane! Well worth every penny