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Great resource to start

It has worked well so far, giving me a good framework on which to build. Having editable documents allows easy editing and plenty of room for personal notes and updates. Thank you!


Definityely worth it. Help use it to make a few of your own but no need to remake the wheel.

CFI Lesson plans

Working on a CFI rating and these lesson plans are well done - better than the ones I was creating. Definitely worth it.

Great Starting Point!

Very solid material that should serve as a great starting point for any CFI candidate working on putting together their training materials.


Thorough information but really out of date. Flight Watch went away 4 years ago and is still listed.

Thanks for the info Hahn. We found and removed the references to Flight Watch that got left behind. Fly safe!

CFI Lesson Plans

The BSP: Holds - Reference Card

Private Pilot ACS Review

Nearly perfect

I absolutely love these. I printed them out an had them spiral bound so I can teach off of them more effectively. The ONE thing I would recomend to the developers is anywhere that is aircraft specific (ie diamond aircraft) make some kind of marking so we can adapt them to the aircraft we use. My school house uses pipers and I spent alot of time adjusting to meet my aircraft. I would never expect them to make it perfect to every aircraft, however, a simple marking could save me alot of time in searching.

Love the idea, Nathaniel. It's in the works! Thanks
Great, with one suggested improvement

I'm a fan of BSP products - always have been. The VFR and IFR cards are laid out well, easy to follow, and provide pilots with necessary information in an easy format.

I would suggest that the card be re-sized to follow standard approach-chart size, which would also allow it to fit into a chart protector sleeve. The card itself could also be elongated slightly and then have holes for insertion into common kneeboards.

Cfi pack

A little disorganized, difficult to find information, just a few pictures or explanations

Hey K, I'm sorry you had some issues with the lesson plans. We work hard to keep them organized and make sure all the information is easy to access. The lessons follow the PTS task by task, and each lesson can be accessed through the Table of Contents at the top of the document, or through the built in navigation which allows easy access to any lesson from anywhere in the document. We also include links throughout the lessons so you can easily access additional information in the document as well as online. In regards to the few explanations, I'm confident we do a great job explaining the material in the lesson plans. Each of the eBooks is 200+ pages of material explaining the various topics in the PTS. But, if you come across something that you feel is lacking, please don't hesitate to send an email to and I'll make sure we address it. The best part about the lessons (in my opinion) is that if there's something that you think needs addressed you can just send us an email, we'll make the updates, and then the new lessons are yours to download for free. I'll work on getting some more pictures in the documents. Thanks, Nate
Great product

Great information, saves tons of time on lessons plans and everything is organized well. The PDF table of contents had links which make it very easy to locate topics quickly instead of digging through text books.


I wish that there was an option to have you guys send a printed version of everything in the mail for a higher price or something. Thanks


So far, so awesome. A plethora of information made into a well-organized and easy to follow format.

Exactly what i was looking for

Goes over each task and knowledge area in detail, with links to specific parts of the FAR. Perfect for CFI's doing mock checkrides, leading a guided discussion, or even for student pilots; this is a great resource for exactly what the DPE is going to want to hear you say and do.


Outstanding and accurate lessons. Best value of any of these types of products I have found. Great job!

CFI Lesson Plans eBook

Great for using with my instrument students

Organizes At-home CFI Studying

These PDFs really provide a great foundation to study at home and guide oral lessons at the school. I'll be editing them to meet the needs for my students and aircraft options (DA-40 aircraft used in a few lessons), but the editing will be easy because .DOCX files are included in the download.


The lesson plans are so easy to navigate through and very well prepared! No complaints here!


Will save you weeks of work.

Huge time saver

Loved the Product. the 4 star over 5 star rating is due to the us of the Diamond Aircraft. It would be helpful is you could highlight all spots that were aircraft specific. I think I got them all as I read through each lesson and tweaked it, but I am sure I may have missed a couple. Several spots you used an airspeed that I would not identify at Vx, Vy, or Va......Overall.... Great Product.

That's a great idea, Russ! We'll work on getting that included.
The Whole Shebang

I love this package it really has prepared me well for my CFI checkride as well improve my overall aeronautical knowledge, keep producing good products!

Professional Development Enhancement Tool

A lot of thought and effort were put into these lesson plans. I added these into my lesson plans curriculum to continue to develop a professional product for students. I am happy with my purchase.