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CFII Lesson Plans
patrick talty
Excellent lesson plans

Having written binders of plans I found these plans very clear and easy to bring out key knowledge and skills required by the FAA ACS

Great card!

Very nicely made with key information on both VFR and IFR. Will be my go to card in the cockpit. Great customer service as well, thank you Nathan!!

CFII Lesson Plans
adrian nye
very detailed

Very thorough, detailed lesson plans. I've found I also need a high-level outline that is much shorter and easier to use while actually giving the lesson, but these are relatively easy to create yourself.

Kenneth Solosky - Chief Pilot NYPD- retired

Very comprehensive and thorough! I love them!

Great templates

The lesson plans are a great starting point to build from, everything is in one place. The notes sections are the greatest asset! The format of the plan as a whole is clean and easy to use.

This site rocks!

Simplicity and perfection at it's finest - this is a must have. 10/10

CFI Lesson Plans
I was having a hard time printing them.

I was having a hard time printing the lesson plan so I can use them.

Hi Jesus, send an email to and let us know where you're having problems. The lessons are Word and PDF documents so printing them should be pretty straightforward. We'll figure out the issue and help you get them printed.


Easy to use and helpful for preparing lesson plans!

Worth every penny!!

I don’t like to reinvent the wheel so this was perfect for me. I love you get it in word and PDF! The whole shebang is the only way to go in my opinion. Everything I could ever need in one bundle. And free updates for life (however long that may be)!!

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

CFI Lesson Plans
Caleb Sexton
Would recommend to anyone

I was in the process of making all my CFI lesson plans and at after about 5-6 hours and getting not even a quarter done, I decided to look for CFI lesson plans online. I stumbled across The Backseat Pilot and it looked good and so I bought it for a reasonable price and it exceeded my expectations. I would recommend The Backseat Pilot to anyone!

The Whole Shebang

I bought The Whole Shebang because I plan to get my CFI, CFII, and MEI. The content of the lesson plans follows the ACS/PTS in detail and provides a great lesson plan on its own but also provides a fantastic baseline if you want to edit it to personalize it.
Thanks to Nate and his team for making the ground prep so much easier for instructor candidates! Keep up the great work!

A Peerless Resource

Any CFI or aspiring CFI will benefit from this outstanding work.

Very Useful

Excellent layout and well detailed.

The whole shebang

Well organized, very helpful in creating future lesson plans.

Highly Recommended

I have had several people suggest Backseat Pilot and I liked the fact that I could see quite a bit online as samples before purchasing. It has so much great content and I can taylor to my own style. Customer service is great and quick as well.

CFI Lesson Plans
Jermaine Kerr

CFI Lesson Plans

CFI Lesson Pack - All CFI Lesson Plans (CFI, CFII, MEI)

CFII Lesson Plans
George Mathisen
A must have!

Has all the information you’ll ever need. Goes line for line straight out of the PTS.

CFI Lesson Plans
Bryan Gatlin
CFI lessons

The most inclusive lesson plans one can get. Some lessons have too much detail but they are very easy to follow.

Great Product for CFI students

I would recommend this product. You may need to add some things to the lesson plans to suit your individual style, but this provides an excellent place to start and save s a great deal of time.

CFII Lesson Plans
Daryl Thompson
CFII lesson plans

Great outline


Probably one of the most comprehensive and articulate, straightforward lesson plan sets out there. I’ve tried to make my own, and I’ve done “ok” at it, but this helped fill in any cracks in my plans. To the point where I switched over entirely. Great job, guys.

Amazing Product!

You guys are lifesavers! Fly safe!