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Probably one of the most comprehensive and articulate, straightforward lesson plan sets out there. I’ve tried to make my own, and I’ve done “ok” at it, but this helped fill in any cracks in my plans. To the point where I switched over entirely. Great job, guys.

Amazing Product!

You guys are lifesavers! Fly safe!

Lesson Plans are Awesome

Great product. Wonderful work and extremely useful. Thank you so much for all the research and work accomplished! Will recommend your lesson plans to every CFI candidate.


Love it! Wish I would've known about it earlier in my training.

One of the best Investment for CFIs

Honestly the whole package is definitely worth it. Huge time saver for coming up with lesson plans and the outlines are organized with great details. Not to mention, the IFR/VFR is super handy. Easy to read and convenient

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

Nicely organized. Covers all areas, very inclusive.

Great Lesson Plans

Great products! A lot of information. Highly recommended!

CFI lesson plans

These are a great set of lesson plans and the ability to edit them to make them your own makes it even better, highly recomnend.

CFI Lesson Plans
Hadee Al Hassanawi
Super Detailed and Perfectly Structured

I bought these lesson plans to help me with making my own. I don't plan on printing out all 700 pages for my CFI binder. But these lesson plans have helped me figure out how to structure mine properly and what information needs to be added. I go through every single section and take out any information that I feel is important enough to keep on my own lesson plans. That's why I love these. There is so much information in every single lesson plan that I can pick and choose what is important for me. The structure is in line perfectly with the CFI PTS too which helps tremendously. Every page has a hyperlink to help jump to different pages in the massive document and spend less time scrolling. I absolutely recommend these to any instructor in training and I'll definitely buy these again when I start working on my CFII and MEI.

Also keep in mind, I have not been through every single lesson plan yet so take what I say with a grain of salt. Based on other reviews from other pilots, these plans are properly fact checked. And from what I've seen, they copy a lot of the PHAK and AFH word for word and outline it in a better way with a few added details. Nevertheless, still a great value!

Excellent Lesson Plans

After creating my own CFI lesson plans for my CFI-initial, I went with Backseat Pilot for my CFII. They do all of the work keeping things up to date for you. Lots of great info. Covers everything needed for checkride and future lessons with students.

Worth it to me!

This is a highly comprehensive set of material. It goes great with my library.

great product!!!

If you are thinking of becoming a CFI, this is the only product you need. Very fair pricing and great support too. I love that they supply the material in MS Word so that you can add your own notes, images, etc to customize the lesson plans.

CFII Lesson Plans
Matthew Holt

I purchased both the CFI and the CFII notes and they are immensely useful. At the very least, they help narrow the scope of what you should study and focus on yourself, especially if you have been out of the game for awhile. Full marks

Centralized Information

I chose the backseat pilot because it was recommended among instructors down in here in the Socal basin. Upon doing my research I’ve found that the lessons are packed with information, but its very very wordy and would not be used for the check ride by itself. Overall great information that helps build a foundation for building more bite size lesson plans.

Hi Justin, you'll be happy to hear that a more condensed, 'cliff notes' version of the lessons is currently in the works. Once complete, they'll be added to your account and included with future downloads!


I used the CFI plans on my initial checkride and they were SUPER helpful. I'm rolling straight into CFII and will continue to use BSP. I had purchased lesson plans for more from another company prior to seeing these, and was thoroughly disappointed with what I got. BSP all the way

Wonderful Pilot Gift

These make perfect gifts for newer or rusty IFR and/or VFR students:)

CFI Lesson Plans
Faizanali Hashme
omitted an Important topic from Assessment and Critique chap from F.O.I

The first chapter after purchasing i was studying it was missing important topics like (Maneuver or Procedure "Grades" & Assessing Risk Managements Skills). I cant rely on it Blind folded, I have to review every thing cant afford to fail because of missing topics

Hi Faizanali, I'm having trouble figuring out what you're referring to. The Assessment and Critique requirements (Lesson I.D.) don't mention Maneuver or Procedure Grades or Assessing Risk Management Skills. If you can send an email to and let me know where you're seeing these requirements I'm sure we can clear it up! We work very hard to ensure each lessons is current and accurate.

The Whole Shebang - All CFI Lessons Plans, ACS Reviews & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

Great study material

I’m loving the CFI materials. My only suggestion would be to have an option for a standard Cessna 172 in the lesson plans instead of using a Diamond as a default, since the 172 is the most popular trainer out there.

Excellent quality. Well thought out and easy to read.

The whole shebang

Lesson plans are great and in depth!

Exactly what I was looking for

A ton of information, incredibly useful in building my own unique lesson plans. Very happy i purchased these lessons!


Section 1.B page 4, item 4 B(i) and (i) (a) for example. Two typos in the bottom section alone. (Just the page I’m currently on)
Also it would be great if stuff that isn’t in the PTS is consistently labeled as such. Sometimes it says “not in PTS” sometimes it doesn’t.
Overall a good product though.

Hi Jerome, thanks for taking the time to pass on the info. The corrections have been made and the new documents have been uploaded! Don't hesitate to send an email to if you notice anything that doesn't look right going forward. Great advice on labeling the PTS information as well. That will be a focus going forward. Thanks again!