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So far, so awesome. A plethora of information made into a well-organized and easy to follow format.

Exactly what i was looking for

Goes over each task and knowledge area in detail, with links to specific parts of the FAR. Perfect for CFI's doing mock checkrides, leading a guided discussion, or even for student pilots; this is a great resource for exactly what the DPE is going to want to hear you say and do.


Outstanding and accurate lessons. Best value of any of these types of products I have found. Great job!

CFI Lesson Plans eBook

Great for using with my instrument students

Organizes At-home CFI Studying

These PDFs really provide a great foundation to study at home and guide oral lessons at the school. I'll be editing them to meet the needs for my students and aircraft options (DA-40 aircraft used in a few lessons), but the editing will be easy because .DOCX files are included in the download.


The lesson plans are so easy to navigate through and very well prepared! No complaints here!


Will save you weeks of work.

Huge time saver

Loved the Product. the 4 star over 5 star rating is due to the us of the Diamond Aircraft. It would be helpful is you could highlight all spots that were aircraft specific. I think I got them all as I read through each lesson and tweaked it, but I am sure I may have missed a couple. Several spots you used an airspeed that I would not identify at Vx, Vy, or Va......Overall.... Great Product.

The Whole Shebang

I love this package it really has prepared me well for my CFI checkride as well improve my overall aeronautical knowledge, keep producing good products!

Professional Development Enhancement Tool

A lot of thought and effort were put into these lesson plans. I added these into my lesson plans curriculum to continue to develop a professional product for students. I am happy with my purchase.

Well Done!

This makes a nice gift for my customers.

Holds Card

So far everything I have received from BackSeat Pilot has been well worth the money!

Terrific jump start

This is a very comprehensive set of lesson plans that is well worth the money. I highly encourage cfi applicants to purchase their lesson plans. If you decide to build them yourself, that’s great, and you’ll be better off for it (having researched all the material and referencing it with official FAA publications for literally weeks on end) however for those that just want to get their CFI certificate done, this is for you. Time is money and let’s face it, you’re not supposed to reinvent the wheel here. These lesson plans are so well written that if you really wanted to you could teach straight out of. I gave “the whole shebang” 3 stars because 1. There are a lot of typos here and there, and I’ve seen one huge error (in their airspace VFR night wx requirement for class G airspace) and another because they tailored their lessons for a diamond plane. You have to go through literally all the lesson plans and make sure that the flow, organization and correct aircraft are used. So basically it is a great starting point, besides a couple of errors here and there, they’re a pretty solid lesson plan. Mad props to the organizers of these lesson plans.

CFI lesson plans

A real life saver... I’d never make it through the CFI checkride without them!

Very useful

I searched high and low for lesson plans that I could reference to create my own lessons and this is it. They are concise and thorough.

Lacking info

Granted this was the least expensive one, it is severely lacking compared to all the other CFI lesson plans I have seen from other commercial students. Diagrams and visuals are not very common, and typos are present throughout.

Hey Trevor, I'm sorry to hear that. We love getting emails and reviews from users with suggestions on how to improve the lessons. Your input goes a long way to making the lessons plans as useful as possible. Feel free to send an email to if you ever come across something that you think should be included or updated and we'll do what we can to make the changes (usually pretty quickly). From there, all you have to do is download the free update!

CFII Lesson Plans

The most comprehensive set of lesson plans out there, the best!

I am a CFI in training and have had difficulty in getting my hands on a fully comprehensive lesson plan package that would help me along during my training, that is until I found the set from the Backseat Pilot site. Not only is it fully comprehensive but it is also up to date, very important with all of the changes that have occurred and continue to change. It is very important to always have a solid foundation to start with, yes you have all of the FAA books and the like, but not everyone is keen in trying to decipher it all, the team at Backseat Pilot has done all of that. Using the Backseat Pilot lesson plans will definitely help in reducing the time in training, and time as we know is money.
Thanks for an excellent product!

Outstanding & Comprehensive

Exceeded all expectations.

BS Pilot

So far the information is very thorough. I have not had time to review the whole shebang but am very happy with the product at this point.


The Whole Shebang was an incredible investment. These lesson plans are quite inclusive and will be an important part of any CFI’s program.

valuable info, very well prepared.

Covers main points precisely task by task from the PTS. Up to date. Consistent updates. Great value.
You get both PDF and DOC formats.

The Whole Shebang

Every student should have this from day one! Extremely well done!


The Whole Shebang - All CFI & ACS Lessons & The BSP Reference Card