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Excellent quality. Well thought out and easy to read.

The whole shebang

Lesson plans are great and in depth!

Exactly what I was looking for

A ton of information, incredibly useful in building my own unique lesson plans. Very happy i purchased these lessons!


Section 1.B page 4, item 4 B(i) and (i) (a) for example. Two typos in the bottom section alone. (Just the page I’m currently on)
Also it would be great if stuff that isn’t in the PTS is consistently labeled as such. Sometimes it says “not in PTS” sometimes it doesn’t.
Overall a good product though.

Hi Jerome, thanks for taking the time to pass on the info. The corrections have been made and the new documents have been uploaded! Don't hesitate to send an email to if you notice anything that doesn't look right going forward. Great advice on labeling the PTS information as well. That will be a focus going forward. Thanks again!



Good product, very helpful

Valuable resource in preparation for CFI

Amazing customer service

Money well spent. They are a bit too long but that way you know you aren’t missing anything.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, Laura! A condensed version is currently in the works, and will be included free of charge along with the full lesson plans.

CFI Lesson Plans

well done

It was perfect!

My son is going to school to be a commercial air line pilot. He has his personal pilot license and is moving forward. He said they were perfect and he was so happy to have them.

Great Outline

Good lesson plans that follow the PTS for the CFI checkride. Had to do a touch of editing but well worth the money

Great lesson plans

I’m a long time cfi with old, handwritten lesson plans and recently switched over to your awesome lesson plans! Very well done!

CFII Lesson Plans

Money well spent!

I spent at least two weeks trying to put together my own thorough lesson plans. A fellow CFI showed me backseat pilots lesson plans. The whole shebang for $100 was a no brainer and it's updated for life!
The only disadvantage to me is I want to print it up! Great product backseatpilot!

The material is over the top and not even realistic to everyday life

Great package deal

I love my CFI training PDFs. Its well organized and explains everything so well and its helping me make a good CFI binder.

The Whole Shebang - All CFI & ACS Lessons & The BSP: IFR/VFR Reference Card

The whole shebang

Great resource for aspiring CFI’s and CFI-I as well as Commercial and Multi-engine students! Would definitely recommend!


Great product and totally worth the money. The lesson plans are great and very thorough! Everything is to ACS/PTS standards but have way more info for good lesson planning.

Complete Lesson Plan Package

The Backseat Pilot Lesson plans were a great investment. Purchasing them allowed me focus on reviewing the material and simply customizing it for my liking rather than spending tons of time formatting them from scratch. Not only that, but I got a great deal on the Whole Shebang which sets me up to complete all three instructor certificates & ratings. It is also great to have access to any updates that are released in the future.

Whole Shebang

Use this not only for Lessons, but the Information is in depth enough to study from as well. Thanks BSP

Very happy!

This was the best $99 I ever spent. I love having all the information on just a couple documents with easy access to everything through the table of contents. The VFR/IFR card sent in the mail is very handy as well with relevant information. I am very pleased. I also like that this comes with lifetime updates for free!


These lesson plans are super detailed and I couldn’t really find any deficient areas. Only problem I found was that the NTAP was discontinued but that’s super minor, definitely recommend.

CFI Lessons Review

Overall, I'm really happy with the CFI Lesson Plans. There is only one item so far that (for me, at least) could be improved:
Technical Subject Areas II.C and II.D seem disorganized and out-of-sequence with the PHAK textbook. Many elements of II.D should come before II.C. Instead of II.D, being referred to as Additional Info, I would prefer to see these two lessons reorganized and broken up into part 1 and part 2. Additionally, many of the graphics are outdated and have since been updated in the FAA's PHAK.