Lesson Plan FAQ

I can't login into my account.

The most common issue we see is that your account/password hasn't been created yet. This is likely the case if you're receiving an error stating that your account is not found, or your email address is not recognized. If you're still having issues, send an email to info@thebackseatpilot.com and we'll figure out what's causing the problem.

Are The Backseat Pilot lessons current with the ACS?

Currently only the Private, Instrument, and Commercial PTS have been transitioned to the ACS. The FAA intends to transition the instructor PTS documents to the ACS in the future. Because the instructor checkrides are still based on their respective PTS, our lessons are still based off the required information in the PTS. With that said, we have done our best to make sure the information transitions between the PTS and ACS, and have added the ACS skill standards to each maneuvers lesson (i.e. steep turns, slow flight, etc.) so that you, and the student are aware of the different requirements.

We also developed the ACS Review eBooks to serve as a bridge between the ACS and PTS documents. While the ACS Review eBooks are not formal lesson plans, they are a task by task and element by element review of everything in the ACS. They are more of a detailed study guide and are great for instructors to review with students, or students to prep for a checkride.

When the FAA does release the Instructor ACS documents, we'll transition your lesson plans to the ACS free of charge.

How do I download the lessons?

After checkout you will have the option to download the lesson plans from the website. You will also receive an email with a link to download the lessons.

After the initial download, the easiest way to maintain access is through your account on the website. You can login whenever you need to access the most current downloads.

Are the lesson plans compatible with the iPad/any other tablet?

Yes! The PDF e-book can work with numerous apps. Examples include ForeFlight, GoodReader, Books, Adobe, EverNote, and more! If you have the Microsoft Word app, the Word version of the eBook can be used there.

Can I use the lessons on my CFI checkride?

Definitely, we've received emails from many pilots who already have (and passed)! We do, however, recommend that you use our lessons to supplement your own or go through and add/remove/edit the information to ensure you're well prepared for the checkride and are comfortable with the format and flow of the lessons.

Will the lesson plans be shipped to me?

No, sorry, we currently only offer the lesson plans in a digital format.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

All The Backseat Pilot lessons are for your personal (one user) use, copies may not be provided to others. Our lessons may not be shared or claimed as your own, and may not be used to create products for sharing or selling. All lessons are © 2011-2020 The Backseat Pilot. We do monitor the downloads and reserve the right to revoke access to the lessons if necessary. Thank you for your honesty.

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