Lesson Plans FAQ

What are the Airman Certification Standards (ACS), and are your lessons updated to reflect them?

The FAA is currently in the process of replacing the PTS with the ACS. They've changed the layout to better represent the information they want you to know. As of June 15, the ACS will replace the PTS for the Private Pilot as well as Instrument Rating. The PTS for the Commercial, and CFI will also be updated at a future date.

When the FAA replaces the CFI, CFII and MEI PTS with the ACS our lessons will updated. Of course, if you have ever purchased our lessons before you will be given a free download of the new lessons. 

Do you have any plans to create lessons for the new Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS?

Yes! The first version of the Private Pilot ACS lessons are complete and available. We're putting the Instrument ACS lessons on pause just for a short time to get some feedback on the Private Pilot lessons to make sure we don't make the same mistakes twice. 

How do I download the lessons after purchasing?

After checkout you will see a button to immediately download the lesson plans directly from our website, you will also receive an email containing a link to download the lessons. If you create an account with us you can log in using the 'My Account' link to access your order history and all purchased downloads directly from our website.

Will I have to buy the lessons again if you make any changes, or the PTS is updated?
Nope, any updates to the lesson plans are free! Anytime an update is made you will receive an email with a link to access the download(s). If you have an account with us you can use the emailed link or log in to your account to access the download(s).

What format are the lesson plans in?
E-Books! Our lesson plans are downloaded as an individual Microsoft Word and PDF e-book. Each document contains all of the lessons tailored to the specific PTS and is created with built in navigation.

Are the lesson plans compatible with the iPad?
Yes! The PDF e-book is designed to work with the GoodReader app. We chose GoodReader because in my experience with both the airlines and Air Force it’s the go to app for any required e-books.

How do I get the lessons on my iPad?
Check out our iPad Download Guide.

How do I use the Navigation?

  1. Single tap the center of the screen to bring up the options tool-bars
  2. Tap the open book icon on the bottom row of buttons

Navigate by PTS section with the arrow on the far right (tapping the section title will take you to the beginning of that section) and then by individual lesson. You can also navigate by tapping the desired lesson in the Table of Contents.

Microsoft Word:

  1. Click the View tab on the top row of selections
  2. Check the Navigation Pane box

A well-organized navigation pane will appear on the left side of the window allowing easy, one click (or touch) access to any lesson plan, no matter where you are in the document. You can also use the Table of Contents to navigate to any lesson. Just hold the control key and click on the desired lesson and you'll be taken directly to it.

Can I use the lessons on my CFI checkride?
Definitely, we've received emails from many pilots who already have (and passed)! We do, however, recommend that you use our lessons to supplement your own or go through and add/remove/edit the information to ensure you're well prepared for the checkride and are comfortable with the format and flow of the lessons.

I ordered the lesson plans but did not receive a link to download them, where can I find it?
The link to download your lesson plans is sent to the email address you entered on checkout. Check your spam folder, if it's not there, email us at info@thebackseatpilot.com and we'll send you a new link (be sure to include your name and the date of purchase or order number).

You can also create an account with the email you used on checkout, the system will recognize your email and load the lessons into your account.

How does creating an account work?
Creating an account is 100% optional. There are 3 ways to create an account:

  1. Click the My Account button at the top of the site, on the next page click 'Sign Up' and enter the required information.
  2. On checkout after entering your address information check the 'Save my info for faster checkout' box
  3. If you made an order without registering for an account simply follow the instructions for option 1 above. As long as you register with the same email address you used to make the previous purchase you will have access to your order history and downloads.

If you don't create an account be sure to hold onto the email containing the link to download the lessons in case you need to access them again. None of the information you provide us is used for anything other than maintaining your account and providing easy access to your downloads.

How many times can I download the lessons?
You'll have access to your download the lessons through your account on the website (if you created one) or through the link that is emailed to you whenever you need. Although there is no limit, we do monitor the number of downloads and do reserve the right to revoke access in the case that the lessons are being shared outside of the personal (one user) use outlined in our Terms and Conditions. Your honesty is appreciated.

Will the lesson plans be shipped to me?
No, sorry, we currently only offer the lesson plans in a digital format.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

All The Backseat Pilot lessons are for your personal (one user) use, copies may not be provided to others. Our lessons may not be shared or claimed as your own, and may not be used to create products for sharing or selling. All lessons are © 2017 The Backseat Pilot. 


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