iPad Download Guide

Step 1: Download the GoodReader app for your iPad
     (In my experience with the airlines and Air Force, GoodReader is the go to app for their eBooks, that's why we recommend it)
Step 2: Access the link to download the lesson plans on your iPad either from the email we sent you or your account on our website. Rather than clicking on the link, press and hold, then select ‘Copy Link’
Step 3: Open GoodReader, and tap the connect button (on the home screen, it’s the second button from the right on the top row of buttons)
Step 4: Tap the ‘Enter URL’ button (directly below the Connect button)
Step 5: Press and hold on the text box, then select Paste (this will paste the download link you copied in step 1)
Step 6: Press OK. Once complete you can access the lesson plans in the Downloads folder

You can move or rename the file by pressing and holding the lesson plan document, then selecting Move, Rename, etc. from the various options that appear

    There are other ways to get the document into GoodReader. The easiest way to access these is to tap the Help button (from the GoodReader home page - bottom row of buttons, in the middle), press How-Tos, and select Transfer files to/from GoodReader.