Lesson Updates

Your work is done! We'll do the work to keep your lesson plans current! As changes are made, regulations are updated, or we make improvements to the lesson plans, they're all yours for free. Here's what's been in the works:

Recent Updates

January 2023

New Instrument Rating Syllabus added!
Designed around our CFII lesson plans, PowerPoints, and ACS Reviews
Added to all products containing the CFII Lesson Plans

CFII Content:
Numerous updates to supplement the Instrument Syllabus
II.B. Aeromedical Factors: Added Illusions
II.C. Regs & Pubs Related to IFR: Expanded IFR specific AIM references
III.A. Weather Information: Added section on recognizing weather hazards
V.A. ATC Clearances: Reorganized and added information for clarity
V.B. Compliance with Procedures: Reorganized and added ATC required pilot reports
V.X. The ATC System: New lesson to supplement the instrument syllabus
VIII. Lessons A, B, C & D: Added Safety & Efficiency section to match ACS req.
XI.A. ADM, CRM, & Risk Management: New lesson to supplement syllabus and ACS req.

CFI & MEI Content:
II.B. Runway Incursion Avoidance: Added LAHSO info
Private Pilot Syllabus: Added numerous lesson plan references to the GND/FLT lessons

November 2022

New Private Pilot Syllabus added!
Private Pilot syllabus designed around our lesson plans, PowerPoints, and ACS Reviews
Added to all products containing the CFI Lesson Plans

Updates to coincide with the new syllabus training schedule
II.C. Scanning & Collision Avoidance - Added CFIT information
II.J. 14 CFR & Publications - Added info on FAR Parts 21, 39,43 & 67 as well as NTSB notification requirements, and links to FAR 61 subparts to facilitate teaching

September 2022

All Lessons and ACS Reviews:
Added VOR MON (Minimum Operating Network) information and new service ranges
Added MOS (Model Output Statistics) weather information

June & August 2022

All Lessons:
Updated NOTAM (Notice to Air Mission) terminology
Added content on preflight self-briefings and AC 91-92

Updated downwind leg to reference approach end of runway
Added note for incorrect text on trim tab picture from Airplane Flying Handbook

May 2022

All Lessons:
Updated NOTAM information

Added airfoil design characteristics info to II.D. Principles of Flight
Removed WAC and added Walling Planning Chart to lesson II.G. Navigation & Flight Planning
Rephrased pitch correction terminology in VIII.D. Straight & Turning Descents
Added the ACS stall definition to XI.A. Slow Flight

April 2022

All Lessons:
Updated to latest convective outlook chart information
Updated/reorganized information to coincide with PowerPoints

Added propeller feathering system information to XIV.A. Operation of Systems

March 2022

Uploaded PowerPoint Presentations for all CFI, CFII and MEI Lessons

February 2022

All Lessons:
Updated all FAR links

Updated elevator terminology in II.E. Airplane Flight Controls
Added a generic systems & equipment malfunctions lesson to section XIII

Major Updates we've Incorporated

  • Instrument Rating Syllabus
  • Private Pilot Syllabus
  • PowerPoint Presentations for all CFI, CFII, & MEI lessons
  • ADS-B, TIS-B, FIS-B information
  • 2020 Aviation Instructor's Handbook
  • Discontinuation of NTAP
  • Transition to the ICAO Flight Plan
  • BasicMed 
  • Using a Driver's License as a Medical
  • Discontinuation of Flight Watch (122.0)
  • Updates to the Student Pilot Certificate
  • FAR Training updates for Technically Advanced Aircraft 

Coming Soon

  • New products to work alongside the lesson plans! (Training syllabus in the works)
  • Instructor's ACS Updates (when the ACS are released)
  • Additional Aircraft Systems (CFI and MEI)
  • More Links to make the Lessons more User Friendly
  • More Pictures, Reformatting Lesson Plans
  • FAA updates to the Private, Instrument, and Commercial ACS (annually)

Anyone owning our PTS lesson plans will be transitioned to the ACS lessons for free when the FAA releases the documents.

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