Lesson Updates

Your work is done! We'll do the work to keep your lesson plans current! As changes are made, regulations are updated or we make improvements to the lesson plans, they're all yours for free. Examples include:

Recent Updates

  • 06/20: CFI - Reorganized all Ground Reference Maneuver lessons, and Slow Flight, Stalls and Spins lessons. Added info on the GFA Tool
  • 06/20: MEI Aircraft added - PA-34-200T (Operation of Systems, & Systems and Equipment Malfunctions lessons)
  • 06/20: CFII - Added info and links to instructional videos and documents on the GFA Tool
  • 05/20: MEI Aircraft added - BE76, PA-44-180 (Operation of Systems, & Systems and Equipment Malfunctions lessons)
  • 05/20: Reworked all CFI Performance Maneuvers - new pictures, organization
  • 04/20: CFI Aircraft Systems & Equip Malf Lessons added for aircraft below
  • 03/20: New CFI Aircraft Systems added - C152, C172, DA40, PA-28-181, PA-28R-201
  • 02/20: Links added and updated
  • 01/20: CFI and MEI organization/link additions and updates

Major FAA Updates we've Incorporated

  • Transition to the ICAO Flight Plan
  • BasicMed 
  • Using a Driver's License as a Medical
  • Discontinuation of Flight Watch (122.0)
  • Updates to the Student Pilot Certificate
  • FAR Training updates for Technically Advanced Aircraft 

Coming Soon

  • Instructor's ACS Updates (when the ACS are released)
  • Additional Aircraft Systems (CFI and MEI)
  • More Links to make the Lessons more User Friendly
  • More Pictures, Reformatting Lesson Plans
  • FAA updates to the Private, Instrument, and Commercial ACS (annually)

Anyone owning our CFI PTS lesson plans will be transitioned to the ACS lessons for free when the FAA releases the documents.

Getting the Updated Lesson Plans

Option one: Create an account and access the updated lessons at anytime through your account on our website.

Option two: We'll email a link when we've made a significant update (or multiple smaller updates).