E-Book Info

Why E-Books?

No more sifting through multiple folders containing hundreds of individual lesson plans! We've combined our lessons into individual, easy to navigate e-books tailored to the CFI, MEI, and CFII PTS. Each download contains only two documents, a Microsoft Word e-book as well as a PDF e-book!

Download a sample PDF here


Each E-Book is designed with easy to use built in Navigation as well as a clickable/touchable Table of Contents!

PDF - GoodReader App (iPad)

The Backseat Pilot Reference Card

Tap the center of the screen to bring up the options tool-bars. Select the Open Book (middle button on the bottom row of buttons), ensure Outlines is highlighted (directly above it, in blue).

Navigate by PTS section with the arrow on the far right (tapping the section title will take you to the beginning of that section) and then by individual lesson. You can also navigate by tapping the desired lesson in the Table of Contents.

 If you need it, here's the GoodReader Download Guide




Microsoft Word
Click the View tab on the top row of selections, and check the Navigation Pane box.

A well-organized navigation pane will appear on the left side of the window allowing easy, one click (or touch) access to any lesson plan, no matter where you are in the document.

You can also use the Table of Contents to navigate to any lesson. Just hold the control key and click on the desired lesson.

Adobe Reader
The navigation is also accessible from Adobe Reader! From the View dropdown menu select Navigation Panels, then Bookmarks. Click on the desired section or lesson to navigate to it.

Interactive Links!

We're just getting started here, but the opportunities are endless. We're adding links in the lesson plans to websites in order to improve the quality of the lessons as well as make the lesson plans more interactive! We'll let you know as we add more content. 

Document Formats (Word and PDF)

Microsoft Word: We continue to provide our lessons in the Microsoft Word format to allow you the opportunity to update, add, and delete information as you see fit. We encourage you to tailor the lessons to your own teaching style. 

PDF: The PDF e-book is primarily for use on an iPad. We recommend using the GoodReader app to download and view the lessons. Why GoodReader? In my experience with the airlines as well as the Air Force, GoodReader is the go to app for any required e-book. We love it, the airlines and Air Force seem to love it, and we think you will too. The PDF can also be used with Adobe Acrobat.

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