Our Newest Airman Certification Standards (ACS) Lessons

February 23, 2017 2 Comments

If you haven't noticed yet, our Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS lessons are up (and on sale)! ACS Lessons

We also introduced our ACS eBook Pack! This download includes the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS lessons, and will include the Commercial Pilot lessons for no additional cost when they're released by the FAA (June 2017). Because the Commercial Pilot ACS isn't out yet, the ACS lesson package is extra cheap (Only $19) for a short time!

And remember, as with all of our eBooks, we'll do the work to keep your lessons current! You'll have access to any updates we make (regulation changes, improvements, etc.) for free!

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The Backseat Pilot
The Backseat Pilot

March 07, 2017

Kelly, you’re correct. Since the products are so new (and the commercial ACS has yet to be released) the ACS eBook pack contains both the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS books. You will also have access to the Commercial ACS when it’s published (June 2017) and the lessons are written. Hope that answers your question. We’re not able to respond directly to your comment with this setup. Looks like we’ll be looking for something new. Thanks for the question! You can email Info@TheBackseatPilot.com if you are looking for more information


March 06, 2017

I’m interested in your PPL and PPL-I Lesson plans. Do I understand it is a complete collection of both for 19.99?

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