May Lesson Updates

May 07, 2021

Every document was updated this month. Here's the breakdown:

CFI Lessons:
Thank to an email request/recommendation, you'll see a new appendix with a Flight Review overview, and checklist containing general knowledge topics (and where to find the info), as well as proposed maneuvers, and recommended safety critical maneuvers. Expect the new Appendix to keep growing. Suggestions are always welcome!

CFII Lessons:
The update of all of the CFII lesson plans continued with Section V. Both of the lessons (ATC Clearances, and Compliance with Departure, Enroute, and Arrival Procedures and Clearances) were totally reorganized/updated.

There's a new Beechcraft Baron 58 Systems lesson as well as a Systems and Equipment Malfunctions lesson. You'll also see the new Appendix and Flight Review breakdown!

ACS Reviews:
Each document was cleaned up a bit, eliminating a couple typos that had gone unnoticed. In the Private/Commercial Reviews, the Aviation Weather section of Lesson I.C. Weather Information was reorganized to match the information in the CFII lessons. The Instrument ACS Review had the same Aviation Weather information updated, but it's located in the Knowledge Section of Lesson I.B. (Knowledge Task 3 - Meteorology Applicable to the Departure, Enroute, Alternate...)

Log into your account online to access the updated eBooks! If you haven't created an account, go here, use the email address that you made the purchase with, and create a password.

We're always looking for ways to make the lessons better and more useful to you! Don't hesitate to send an email to with any suggestions.

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