ICAO Flight Plan and new ACS Updates!

May 18, 2017

As of June 5th, the FAA will transition to the International Flight Plan Format for all VFR and IFR civil flights within the NAS (National Airspace System) and to Canada. Our lessons have already been updated to reflect this information and the new flight plan (information, links, and everything).  Log into your account to access the new downloads.

ACS Update: The FAA just released the Commercial ACS and updated versions of the Private Pilot and Instrument Rating ACS books - they go into effect June 12th. We're working on the new Commercial ACS eBook and updating the Private Pilot and Instrument lessons now. Our ACS eBook package (that will include the Commercial ACS lessons free of charge) is still considerably discounted, and will remain that way only until the Commercial ACS eBook is published!

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December 04, 2017

Just a heads up, last we heard the FAA was intending to release the CFI, CFII and MEI ACS around this time (December 2017). This has been changed to "in 2018."

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2017 ACS eBook Updates

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We do the work to keep your lessons up to date! All of our ACS eBooks (Private, Instrument and the new Commercial eBook) have been updated to the new ACS documents released June 12, 2017. Log in to your account to access the downloads.

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