May Updates!

May 05, 2020

Today's CFI and MEI updates bring a couple new aircraft to the MEI lessons, and also include a rework of the CFI Performance Maneuvers lessons!

We added MEI Operation of Systems (XIV.A.) lessons, and Systems and Equipment Malfunctions (XIII.A.) lessons for the Beechcraft Duchess 76, and Piper Seminole (PA-44-180). You'll notice the biggest changes to the CFI lessons in Steep Turns (Lesson IX.A.) with new pictures, and reorganized content. The rest of the performance maneuvers (IX. B-D) were reworked and cleaned up as well!

We also continue to work to make the lessons even more user friendly. A growing number of lessons now include in lesson navigation, or links from the lesson's table of contents to the content in the lesson. 

You can find the updates in the May20 CFI and MEI documents in your account. Just login to your account on the website and click 'View My Files.' If you haven't created an account, go here, use the email address that you made the purchase with, and create a password.

We're always looking for ways to make the lessons better and more useful to you! Don't hesitate to send an email to with any suggestions.

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