March Lesson Updates!

March 02, 2021

This month brought a decent number of improvements to the CFI, MEI, and CFI-I lesson plans! Just like the CFI lesson plans over the last handful of months, we're now going through and updating/reorganizing all of the CFI-I lesson plans!

 Here are today's main updates (Mar 2):


  • 3 sections added to lesson II.L. Nav Systems and Radar Services (DME, ADF/NDB, and ADS-B Basics)
  •  Added a section on Maintaining your CFI certificate to II.M. Logbook Entries and Certificate Endorsements
  • Reorganized lessons II.A. Aeromedical Factors, II.L. Nav Systems and Radar Services, and III.B. Weather Theory

These changes along with a few other smaller updates (you'll see in the email we sent out) cover the CFI updates. We managed to incorporate all of the email requests (thank you!), and a bit more into this update!



As mentioned above we've started the process of refreshing each of the CFI-I lesson plans. Today's update covered all of the lessons in Sections II and III. We also added an ADS-B Basics section, condensed and reorganized a lot of the Weather Theory information, and added a Cold Weather Correction section to both the Precision and Non-Precision Approach lessons!


Up Next:

Expect to see more of the CFI-I lesson updates over the coming months as we work through the document. We've also received requests for a "cliff notes" version of the lesson plans which is in the works and will be uploaded to your account (for free) once completed!


We're always looking for ways to make the lessons better and more useful to you! Don't hesitate to send an email to if you are having any issues, come across any questions, or would like to provide a recommendation. Always happy to help!

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